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Your wedding will be a magical moment!

Come celebrate the happiest day of your life in a romantic and enchanting setting in the Coat-Love Park, a predestined name for this unique and magical moment. Enjoy a super easy decorating tent and two cottages in this 5-hectare park planted with trees and collection of unique species most of which are centuries old. We also have a cottage outside to greet your guests.

The Coat Amour Manoir is beautifully prepared to receiving your guests for an unforgettable evening. Contact us, we will be happy to study with you your project.


Photos Report

The manor house, chapel, park make ideal places to capture this unforgettable moment. Feel free to provide us your desire to capture this magical moment in Coat-Love and we will study this possibility with you. We also offered the property for fashion shoot.



The first trace of Coat Amour was in 1451 when a certain Alain Quintin was Lord Coat Coat Amour or Love. The property passed to his son Richard Antoine Quintin then Seneschal of Morlaix. Later the land was sold to Jean Oriot Kergoat, Lord of Runiou, and marriage was passed to Charles Joseph Haudeneau, ambassador extraordinary of Louis XV with the Sultan of Morocco and Head squadron of naval forces.

A few years before the revolution, Coat Amour included a large number of buildings called the Noble Manor. Around the main house were a chapel, a dovecote, a small mill and a farm.

Most of the current structure was built in 1805 in the style of malouinières overhung a slate roof flanked by two large fireplaces.

The mansion, which this time was in poor condition, was purchased in 1836 by the Reverend Father Bourquet. In 1845, another owner Charles Dulong Rosney (son of the famous hero of the Napoleonic Wars) began renovations. In 1874, Hippolyte Dulong Rosney continued renovations, and added suréleva roof are two large fireplaces, the tower north side of the house and the library level with its French window facing south.

In 1920, the famous General Maxime Weygand, who will attend the signing of the 11 November 1918 amnesty, bought Coat Amour his uncle on the recommendation of his friend Marshal Foch. The mansion was réquisioné by the German army during the Second World War and are edified 3 blokhaus that are still present on the property with a gallery network.

This place full of history situated in a beautiful 5-hectare park will lend itself perfectly to your shoots.

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